Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Settled my AJK KERJA PSS meeting. We started at 5.30 pm and ended at 6.00 pm. This is because we had two meetings before, mesyuarat guru and PIBG. Never mind. We had a good discussion, some of the teachers gave ideas to help me (thank you). I did not have chest pained at school today. I stayed back until 6 pm. Lucky, I was ok. I really have to take things easy. It cannot be like last time. I could do so many things before in one day. Even in my Remove class, I played games(BINGO) with my students during the second period today, so I could sit. Jangan mare. In my 3B, I work hard to teach them. I really want them to pass. I think Poon Khai Wei is a bright boy ( a fast learner) only that he's lazy but he did his work and he attended my extra class. I thought to ask him to join Chitra's extra class so that he can get A or at least B. Other 3B students, most of them are very weak. I have to teach them the basics first.

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