Monday, June 28, 2010

Form Five Librarians.

So tired but it's ok. Think of the money that I can save. Last time, I had to pay my maid (Ira)RM500.00 per month. I can save RM6000.00 per year or more. Not bad. Thought of going to China next year with my family. My passport will expire in 2012. Ok lah. Need a break. Just think of work will give you pressure. I love my work. So many things I want to do at school. The problem is I need support from PIBG (money), Pn. Soon (she likes my ideas but she doesn't want to contribute money) and my colleagues (to work together). So far, only my librarians help me a lot. I will miss all the Form 5 librarians. They are the best. Christopher (the best cook), Ong (quiet but not bad with computer), JC (the bidan terjun helper), Chew (he can become a good leader, never thinks of himself), Uges( sometimes a bit poyo but he is nice), Professor (last time I liked to call him "my boyfriend". He was so shy before, now I think he can become a playboy), Shen (a gentleman), Brian (a softspoken boy, can become a good husband), Adi (he's genius but needs someone to control him. Afraid, he will break the rule one day) and Ainul (he and Yusrizal always made me laugh). I will miss all of them. Just hope I won't cry infront of them during the PSS jamuan.

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