Friday, June 11, 2010

Love is in the air........

No more maid. My husband and I couldn't accept what she did to my family, so sayonara babe! Will be very busy next month (Bulan Membaca and moving out to our new house). Lots of work to do. Pity my son. He really missed my maid. She did help me a lot but she liked to flirt ( really-really gatal one). Her good work was to cover the bad thing that she did. She was more hardworking than my previous maid. She never stole our money or took our things but she was interested in something else. Haiii...her aim was to find a good man to become her future husband. Lucky my husband was not in her list (may be she didn't have the chance to do that). Talking about my husband. I am so happy with him now. We shared so many things. He made me laughed a lot. It's just that both of us can accept each other, as what we really are. We are totally different people but that make our relationship so colourful or can I say, it's like ikan siakap masak tiga rasa (sweet, sour and hot)...............bye!

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