Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be exclusive, please........

Rita came to see me yesterday. She gave me a present (she just got her first salary), thanks for the beautiful notebook. Just hope she will be ok with her work and the new environment (she told me Nepal guys like to disturb her. I advised her to be careful with those guys). Hot story! More babies were abandoned by their mum. I am so scared with the girls nowadays. They don't know their limit with boys. Hugging the boys is ok to them. You can say that I am a conservative woman but yes I am. When a girl hugs a boy, I don't think the boy feels nothing. Haiiii....I never hug a man other than my husband and my father. You see, women must be exclusive then the guys will appreciate us. We can be friendly but we don't have to hug the guys (just pat the shoulder or his back is ok to me as long as not that close). No wonder, more guys today change their taste. They prefer man than woman. It's so easy to get a woman and her love. Just say "I love you" to that woman, give her a ride in his motorbike, give her a treat at mamak's stall (mee goreng ok lah) then she is all yours. I don't blame the guys if they dump this kind of woman. To all girls, please make yourself exclusive to the all of you.

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