Friday, July 30, 2010

It's nice to say hello to someone you haven't called for a long time.'s bad if you called that person just because you need her or him to do something for you. I have experienced with this kind of people and I really, really don't like it.'s so difficult to find people who are really sincere nowadays, even the people around me also I have to be very careful. I can be like them, using people for something. It's fun but I don't want to. Ok no more about this issue. Now about my dearest father. He's quite ok now. I was really scared when I found out about his illness. It's like the roof was going to fall on me. I told my students that I don't mind to lose a lot of money but not my father. He's such a good man. He never hit me. If I didn't get a good result, he would not scold me. He just said,"Tak apelah janji tak merah". Not like my mother. "Orang lain yang dapat nombor 1 tu mata ada enam ke, telinga ada empat ke?" My father, he's the great. He's like a mother hen protects its chicks. I always hid behind him when my mother tried to hit me (I was naughty when I was a kid). I am so afraid to lose him one day. What will I do? What about my life? It won't be the same..............

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