Friday, July 23, 2010

Have problem with Ahmad. He likes to make up stories. It means he's creative. The problem is when he told me something about his friends, I don't know whether to accept his stories or not. Tomorrow, I will go to his tabika ( they have telematch) to ask his friends about it. Then, after the event my husband will take us to Malacca, apalagi shopping baju raya la. This year NO MORE BAJU KEBAYA. All baju kurung. Tak apelah, janji selesa. Actually, this week Pn. Soon asked me to apply for Guru Cemerlang (DG48). She would give me full support. I loved to do it. Then, I found out that I was not qualified for it.It was for the teachers who had experienced teaching the primary school before. So sad. No lah, just kidding. But I really hope they will open guru cemerlang for Guru Perpustakaan dan Media soon. I have more confidence. If not, I have to wait for another 3 years or 5 years (time-based). It's ok, it's alright. Norlela don't give up.

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