Monday, August 2, 2010

So sad my house is still under renovation, may be after hari raya we will move out. I had already asked a few pupils to help me. Christopher, Baby Robin, I forget another boy's name (he's not a librarian but he's willing to help). These three boys had no problem to help me. It's up to my husband. If he's ok then I will call them. But if he has another way, I don't mind. The boys are so sweet. I had told them that I will pay if they help me. They said, "No need". Haii....about the open house. My husband insisted to have only kenduri kesyukuran. It means my relatives and neighbours are invited, but not my colleagues and his. So, I will listen to him. May be I will set one day for all my close friends (all ladies, my husband will get headache)to come, especially Chitra. I will cook tom yam soup, ikan siakap masam manis, bla,bla, bla.....seronoknya.

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