Monday, August 9, 2010

Last night I had an arguement with my mum. I cannot share it here but what she said was really hurt. This morning, she asked me whether I was angry at her. I kept quiet. I didn't answer because I was afraid i would cry again. My eyes were already swollen. I didn't want people to ask. I just left her. Then, I went to PKG Tampin. Yamuna , Form 4 Science was chosen as Tokoh NILAM Peringkat Daerah. She beat SMK Syed Idrus and SMK Gemas (rural school category). TBS is in different category (urban school). I was so happy that I kissed my mum's cheek when I reached home. I love her so much. Only God knows how much I love her. I know I am not like her other daughters but I am still hers. Tak apelah. Relaks la macam tak biasa....oh ya I just want to wish Good Luck to all my Form Three (today my English paper, I really hope they could answer the questions correctly)and Form 5 pupils including my ex librarian, CCT (he will get his PSS certificates).Do the best as you are the best!!!!

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