Friday, August 27, 2010

Today, I washed the windows with my hubby and Ahmad. So damn tired. Tomorrow, we will wash the house. Haiiii...CCT came to school today, may be he wanted to see his friends....last time he came here with his red hair but today he had worn earring (was it diamond?????). I was so busy with read2010 programme at that time but I did ask about his study. If only he can focus on his study, I am very sure he will do it well. I don't know why I still care about him. He is not Malay and he is not a Muslim but I just don't understand. Since he was at this school, when teachers said something bad about him, I felt to protect him. I don't understand but I really hope he will change. NO MORE DRINKING 'C' if he wants to live longer. Oh ya, next week I will move out to our new house. My contractor, Mr Pang is so nice to take out things there with his small lorry. So sweet of him. May be after this I will be very busy with my new life, so all of you...take care1

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