Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I saw Hyril this morning but I just ignored him. I never asked him about his father, Dr Hamdan. I knew his father was not well but I tried not to ask about his father. Last week, my husband told me that his father was admitted again. No wonder I rarely saw him at the library. May be he helped his mum taking care of his father at the hospital. After recess, I went to Bilik Gerakan because we were going to have a meeting there. Then, I saw that boy with Ngai Pei Siang, crying. I knew something bad had happened to him. Miss Tan touched my shoulder and said,"pity that boy, his father passed away this morning". I was speechless, I just looked at him. Oh my God! He's just 17 years old, next week he's going to have his trial exam. How can he handle this situation? He's the youngest in his family. Although he told me many times that he is very independent but when you lose someone that you love so much, you cannot stop the tears from dropping. I didn't go to his house today. I didn't know what to say and I didn't know how to comfort or advise him. But frankly speaking, Hyril is like his father. He just says what he wants to say but he has a very good heart...........Alfatihah for his father, DR HAMDAN, the one and only.

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