Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't know why we have this subject at school. They know it's not an exam subject, that's why the students are not interested to learn. I really pity the teachers who teach that subject. It's really wasting time and because of it, some of us have to go back at 2.40pm. The worst is many English teachers have class at 2.00pm (no more mood to learn, think of our lunch at home) including me, my 3B. They have Pendidikan Islam and Pendidikan Moral which teach them how to become good. Why do we need Sivik if the students do not care to learn? During my time, we did have Sivik(because there's no Pendidikan Moral for the non Muslims at that time) but it's not every week. It's alternate with PJ. The Sivik teacher, I didn't like him. I was the class monitor in Form 5 Omega (I was appointed as my class teacher knew that by giving me work, I would become responsible). He asked me why I became the monitor, "pilihan kelas ke?" I looked at him and said,"pilihan guru". So, every time when we had Sivik( without waiting for the teacher), my friends and I went to the toilet and changed our uniforms. He would try to find us and when he saw us with the PJ uniforms, he just left. PJ was so cool. That's the time, I really had fun with my friends. We just went to the PJ store, took a ball and played our own version Captain ball. We didn't mind to play the same game every week. No need observation from the PJ teacher. This game has no rules, not like netball. It's a tough game, physically and mentally. Sometimes, I pity our students. The good ones will just think of exam only while the weak ones just think of finding work and get money. It's not a healthy situation at all!!

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