Saturday, May 8, 2010

Man vs woman

Went to Shopping Centre with Ahmad this morning. Ahmad chose the books which are easy for him. I changed his books, he was very angry. He started saying," Ahmad nak mati. Mati dekat jel". I don't know where he learned the word jel. I told him that jail is for bad persons. We just walked as it's near to my parents' house (the real reason is I didn't dare to drive) . He was so tired that until now he's still sleeping. Poor my boy. Then, I sent a message to my husband because he didn't call me since this morning. He called me and said that he just finished his LDP and tonight he has another programme. I reminded him to call Ahmad this evening. He said ok. Women and men are different; physically (of course), mentally and emotionally. We have to tell men what do we want, if not they won't know. I remember when my husband said something bad, I was so sad. He didn't notice it. It was just a joke. He continued reading the newspaper like he didn't know that he had hurt my feeling. After a few minutes, I told him,"awak tak tahu ke saya tengah merajuk ni". He said," la apasal tak cakap awal-awal". See! They don't know that we are angry or sad. We must tell them. It's so difficult to find a man who looks at us and knows that we are sad, or whatever. I met one but he's not a man. He's just a boy!

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