Friday, May 14, 2010

The request!!!

On Mother's Day last week, my husband gave me a cake. It was a surprise. The best part was he fed me, haiii....I think my husband has changed. He's so romantic now. He takes a good care of me, giving me what I want but he was not romantic before. Then yesterday, we went to Jaya Jusco Air Keroh. I love eating at the food court there. My favourite spot is The Western Food. The chicken grilled with the black pepper sauce was so tasty. I don't like chicken chop because the chicken is like nugget whereas for this one, they grill a fresh chicken. Before going home, my husband went to the frame shop, may be he wanted to find something special for our new house. After that he went to the souvenir shop. I asked him what was he trying to find. Then he said,"For you". I was speechless. He bought me a teddy bear with roses. I got tears in my eyes. Just said,"thank you" to him. I think I should fulfill his only request, no more shirts or t-shirt. I like wearing simple, plain shirts. I like to look sempoi. I remember when I was a teenager, my grandmother looked at my faded jeans and shirt, asking me,"mak kau tak bagi duit ko, ni pakai barang lusuh ajo". Haiii...she didn't know my faded jeans was RM100 something and my Lee shirt was also like that. Yalah..I should change. Be a lady, but not now aaa.....

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