Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life begins at 40

Going to be 40 this September....haiii sudah tua lah. When you are at this age, you have reached your maturity. They said this phrase is suitable for guys only. I don't think so. At this age, I think I have everything in my life. I have a loving husband, an adorable son, families that I can count on, a good career and assets (insurances, houses, plots of land, cars). What else do I want? God gives me everything ( except babies...never mind).....I should be grateful. When people did something good to us, we will become good to them. What about God? I was not a good muslimah. My husband always asked me to pray early but I never listened to him. I will pray Subuh at 6.40 am, Zuhur at 3.30 pm, Asar at 6.00 pm, Maghrib at 8.00 pm and Isyak before I slept. It was terrible. Just melepas batuk di tangga, janji buat. I don't know. Suddenly, I felt really bad. I should not do that. I am so lucky until today I am still alive. I should love God more that anything. When we are in difficulty, we will remember God. We think God is not fair by giving us this test. But what about if we are on top of the world, we think we deserve it without God's help. I tried so hard to get a baby this year. When I did the treatment, I took mc (going to take unpaid leave). I had maid to take care of me, I did everything to save my "baby" but God didn't let me to. It's beyond our control. Whatever happened in our lives, there's hikmah. We don't know that. Only God knows!

Pengubat Hati
1. Baca Quran dan maknanya
2. Dirikanlah solat malam
3. Berkawan dengan orang yang soleh
4. Banyakkan puasa
5. Zikir malam.

May God helps us to do all these.

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