Thursday, May 6, 2010

This week, asked Shen to take photos for the cross-country event. He's ok and then Brian told me that he also wanted to help as he couldn't run because of migrain. EXCUSE!!! Professor ran without his glasses. I asked him whether he could run without them. He just smiled but Uges looked at me and said, "Don't worry, he will reach Malacca". Today, all the teachers had meeting for Hari Koperasi. I thought I wanted to have karaoke slot, one song we will charge 50 cents. The Form 5 librarians rejected my idea. Then, Christopher and Wee Chin agreed to sell cakes on that day. I will give them RM50.00 to buy the ingredients but I don't think I will take the profit (although I had told them that the profit was for PSS) . They just give me back my RM50.00, enough. Apples for teachers' day.......we received 172 orders, so far. Thanks to all students (the ones who ordered la), Cikgu Mohamad and Lisa Teo (you're still SMKTI sweetheart)....thank you so much. I can buy new vcds for the library.

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