Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My brain is going to explode! Too many things to think.....
a) Contractor..this is going to be the second and the last(hopefully). He's a young contractor from Tampin Jaya. He told us the price. I think it's ok but my husband was still not satisfied. He wanted to ask his friends first...oh whatever. Last time, I thought Chong (ex-librarian) as the contractor. Waah..I heard he has a new girlfriend. How many times he has a new girlfriend? Haiii..just hope he will do well in his SPM.
b) PSS....I want to buy so many things but Pn.Soon had told me earlier that I can spend less than 70% PSS fund. I get RM8300.00 every year. It means I can spend around RM5000.00. That is the money to buy books, computer ink, stationery, album, manila cards, bla, bla, bla.... Not enough. Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!
c) Buy apples tomorrow. I went to see the towkey today, she gave me 70 cents each. Ok lah...suppose to be 80 cents. I cannot buy small apples for my friends. It's their day, must give quality ones. So the profit that I got around RM100 something. OK LAH...rather than nothing. At least I can buy 4 original vcds for the library.
d) My son didn't want to take a nap in the afternoon anymore. After doing his homework, he just played, played and played. So, he slept early at night. I couldn't teach him reading and Maths. So worried about him. When we went shopping today, he danced when they played Lady Gaga song at that time. He wasn't shamed at all. Lucky, my students were not there. I asked him to choose presents for his teachers.....he pointed a machine gun toy!!!
e) My husband didn't like me wearing shirts (he told me that he's going to throw my favourite shirt one day, the black one). He wanted me to wear blouse. When I went to Malacca with my friends last Friday, I saw a very nice shirt. It's only RM22.00. Chitra asked me to buy and I wanted to but it's ok lah.....

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