Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fly baby fly......

So damn tired. Think of running away from all this but I'm not a coward. How hard it is I must face it. The problem is I couldn't control my mouth anymore, I just said without thinking of other people's feeling. Soooooooooooooo sorry. I will try to stay calm, take a deep breath and just smile. The question paper is ready, one work done. Apples bought already, another work done. Still has other works waiting. Haiiii......I am so jealous with TBS and SMT. They have lots of money to spend. They wondered why I had to sell things at school. They got RM18,000 something for their PSS fund and RM7000 for Suwa (which they must finish it). I, on the other hand only got RM8300 for the fund and RM2200 (used to pay for the 4 newspapers and all the 8 magazines - January until October)...haiiii and our PIBG only contributes RM500 every year. Not like them, they got RM2000 at least from their PIBG. So sad. I have to accept that my school is so daif. I think if I get an offer to go somewhere, I will just accept. Last year, I always said no when Pn. Soon asked me to apply for a new post. I thought I was not yet ready. Kept thinking of my son. This time.....don't know but I really-really fed up with the situation.

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