Thursday, May 27, 2010

No mood today. My son's not well. He had fever last night but now, he's ok only coughing. Haiii...thinking of the bonus that the government servants can get this year. We cannot give too much hope but please have mercy on us. Kah!Kah!Kah! Cuepacs asked for 2 months bonus...mimpilah. My friends asked about my plan for the holiday. No where. We cannot even go back to Kelantan, afraid that the contractor needs us to settle anything related to our new house. Sacrifice! Sacrifice! A stranger known as Mr Lonely read my blog. Thank you. I read his blog but I am so lazy to give comments. Sorry. Last Friday JC told me that he and Poon are cousins but why their first names are different. Then, he said that their mothers are sisters. Like that aaa. It's good to know other people's culture and custom. We must learn how to respect to other cultures and beliefs, then we can live in this country without prejudice........

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