Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good and bad news

Hi! Today Lisa and Farain came to school. So happy to see them. Thanks Lisa for that em,em,em. Not lucky because Cikgu Aziz was in the library so I couldn't have a long chat with them but thank you for visiting us. Yesterday someone told me something about our friend's wife. I was shocked but I tried to stay calm. It was bad news, really bad news. No wonder he was not around. He took his wife to the hospital for a therapy. She asked me to keep it as a secret. I won't tell anyone about this because I don't want people to keep asking him about his wife. I know his feeling. People will just say,"sabarlah" but it's not easy to accept the fact that someone we love so much is in pain! Today I got good news from another teacher, he's going to be a father. No wonder, he looked so happy. He didn't mind the students forgot to bring their NILAM books. He was like walking in the air. I never saw that situation before. After his students left the library, he went out. Then, he came back smiling. He looked at me and said, "orang rumah saya mengandung". Oh my God. I was so happy and asked him to take a really good care of her. Yalah. He told me that his wife's so sensitive now. Of course, that's normal. After three years of marriage, they will have a baby. Haiii...last time before I got Ahmad, when someone told me that news, it's like thunder....deboom. I felt useless but now I am ok. Two husbands who face two different situations. Just pray to God that nothing bad will happen to them...InsyaAllah.

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