Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monkey Business!!!

Went to Mustafa Original Nasi Ayam Gemas (near TBS). Bought 5 packs. Ok, not bad. Compare to Nasi Ayam Gemas (Osman's one, near Pizza Hut), the taste is almost the same but the original one, its rice (smell good) and chicken (nice and tender) are better. Yalah, the recipe belongs to Mustafa but this Osman, I really salute him. He sent his wife and daughter to work with Mustafa for 6 or 7 months. So, they learned how to make that famous chicken rice until they're expert. After that, he resigned and opened his own chicken rice restaurant. easy. Now he has a few nasi ayam restaurants. Did he do the correct thing? Even, my husband's uncle also had the same problem. His best worker married to his rival's son. Before this, his uncle was the one who could produce cheap but quality songkok, now he has to share with that guy. Rezeki is from God. If you did something bad, worse thing will happen to you later. If not to you, may be to your family. Duit banyak ke sikit tak apa, janji halal. Hidup pun berkat.

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