Friday, April 30, 2010

My Ahmad

Today I took Ahmad to his school and fetched him. Asked his teacher about his performance at school. She told me that Ahmad didn't want to finish his work at school. When she asked him to write on the whiteboard, he refused. His teacher thought he didn't know how to write and I was the one who did his homework. I told her that Ahmad was different at home. I know Ahmad is a shy boy. When he sang infront of me, I asked him to do it in his class. He replied,"Ahmad malu." It's so difficult to explain. When I studied at kindergarten and primary school, I was like that. I was shy and quiet . I was not like what I am now. I still remember when I was in Standard 5 my mum took me, my second cousin, my brother and my sister to see this alim atuk (he had passed away) somewhere in Rembau. I forgot his name. He would touch our heads and read his pray. When it came to my turn, after finished reciting his pray, he looked at my mother and smiled. He said,"budak ni boleh tahan, mulut dia bising." Haiii...I was puzzled. How come this Atuk judged me like that. Now, I am like what he said. Back to my son. I think I will do something for him. If he is ok with my plan, I think he will change. takes time.

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