Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad experience!

I did go to TBS when I studied form 6 but only for 2 months or 3 months, I don't remember. I was in 6 Rendah Sains 1( the first Science class la). It was in 1988. Waah so long. I just went there because my parents asked me too. It was a very social school. I got culture shock there. I did not wear tudung and hid my glasses inside my pocket(could not afford contact lenses at that time). Haiii...I didn't have many friends in my class, but I had many friends in 6 Sastera. They would wait for me and we would have breakfast together at the canteen. The boys were so rough, I mean the Malay boys. I was a bit scared of them but at school, the lower six boys would not dare to disturb me. The upper six boys took care of me. All because of my brother(now he's a judge). They knew my brother, so I was safe. There was one scary incident. One lower 6 boy told me that he would wait for me after school (the tongong one). I told him that my father would fetch me but what happened was my father didn't come. I didn't like to ride a bus, so I just walked with a friend. This tongong boy came with his group and started teasing me. He wanted to carry my bag. He tried to pull my bag but I didn't let it. We were like tarik tali. Nobody helped me at that time even my friend, she also scared to help me. Then, this group blocked my way. It means I had to follow their way. I was so lucky when we reached the recreational park, a few abang form 6 were already there. So, all the tongong boys left me and my friend. Haii...then when I got the offer to go to UIAM, I accepted it with all my heart as long as I could leave this school.

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