Monday, April 19, 2010

Lousy customers!

Business is not good this year. Only a few ordered photos. They want to buy dvd (Pesta Ponggal / Pesta Tahun Baru Cina movie). The problem is Ainul and Yusrizal don't know how to do it. Haiiii...and then apple for teachers' day. Only a few ordered the apples. They said,"mahal lah". Use your brain laa. It's not Chinese New Year that you can buy a box of oranges in a very good price. RM1.50 is cheap what. The cost of an average apple is around 70 cents, we will wrap it (the plastic), tie it up (the ribbon), write the message ( the A4 paper) and deliver it (the sweat) to the teacher or friend. They should consider all these. At least, for one apple the PSS can get 50 cents profit. If I want to think of the profit only, I will just paste the message on the apple (like "of Bunga Telur and Bally shoes" Form 1 short story). I should follow my instinct. Sell cup cake. Christopher volunteered to bake the cakes but I don't want to burden him. One more thing, Pn. Rohana didn't allow us to use ERT room, so where to do it. My parents' house, the students will feel shy. I think I will learn how to bake the cake first from my sister, so next year I will ask a few librarians to come to my house and we will do it together or the easy way, just order the cakes from any bakery and take the commission. The price......the students will still say "mahal lah". If you want something cheap. DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!

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