Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sampainya hatimu!!!

Yesterday my husband told me that my school got the second place in Kejohanan Olahraga. I was so happy.Waaaah! This morning I saw Farain and told her the good news. I told her that we beat TBS. My husband's school, SMK Dato Taha got the third place. "Eh, betulke?", she kept asking me and I said "yalah, my husband told me." During recess, I saw Uges and pretended to scold him. I said, "See, because of the 5 medals that our school got, we have to become the host next year." He looked at me with his tired face and said, "Teacher, we just got 1 gold medal."
Hairan bin Ajaib. I asked him again,"We got the second place right and we beat TBS this time". He looked at me and showed his 8 fingers to me. Haaa! Alamak, aku tertipu. I don't know whether Farain has told other teachers about this one, but until now I haven't called Farain to tell her the truth. Sorry le, my husband just made up the story to tease me. Haiii, I know my school is not good compare to his school but this is the school I like most. The students are naughty and their results also are not that good. As long as they do not burden their parents when they finish schooling...... it's ok with me.

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