Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I helped Kak Tengku giving her ideas on how to upgrade her Bilik Gerakan. Cikgu Aziz did not satisfy with her room and said bad things to her. When she told me the story yesterday, she cried because she was so sad. I went to see him today to inform that the librarians(except Form 5) will help the teachers to clean up Bilik Gerakan, Pusat Akses and Perpustakaan this Wednesday. He knew that I did not like his way, scolding my friends but he said that sometimes we have to use harsh words to make the teachers wake up and do their duty. No comment! Now about my son, Ahmad. I don't think Ahmad is a slow learner but we must know how to make him understand. Like Maths, he solved the questions so fast because of his understanding. Only his writing, now I teach him the simple way on how to write G, d, m, N, n. He knows how to write the letters but "tak cantik". Last time, I taught him the letters r, h, T, I and y. He's ok with me. I did raise my voice sometimes(like teaching my Remove students) and at first he didn't like it but my opera voice made him to understand it faster. I don't want to compare him with his friends. May be some of his friends can read now. Who cares? When he was 1 year and 8 months old, a neurologist specialist(Hospital Seremban) did check his IQ. She asked Ahmad to draw circle and vertical line. He did both. She told me that he was like a 4 year old kid. I want Ahmad to enjoy his life as a kid. He is just 6 years old (Even, Albert Einstein was considered a fool at school). Let him play more, study less. The time will come when he really needs to focus on his study and I will make sure of that. But if he is still not doing well in his study, I won't blame him. May be he has a special gift.

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