Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is my life now!

Sometimes, I don't feel to go to work. Have to face the same things, the same persons, the same place and the same food! I told my mum last time that I want to retire early but she said no. I don't know. I love teaching but I need something new. Oh ya about facebook. The students said that I should have my own facebook. I don't want to. Last year my old schoolmates, especially my group RRPG tried to find me. They thought I was still in Perak. All of them wanted to see me. One of them called the operator to get help. They were shocked to find out that I am here. Haii...I have my family now. My father, mum, son and hubby are my friends. I am used to that situation. After getting married, my world is with my husband. My friends did call me during my early year of marriage(they were single at that time) but when they wanted to see me, my husband said "no". Only last year, my husband gave me a chance to see my group. I was happy but I don't think we can be like what we were before. I feel weird if I walk without my husband(except at school). Last year, I went out with my colleagues(Chitra, Farain, Kak Ani and GSTT teachers) but only for three, four hours. I cannot leave my family for too long. May be that's why I don't need facebook. Blog is different. It's like I am talking with someone. I feel relax. Some of the things that I wrote in my blog (especially my teenage life), my family doesn't know about it. I don't know how to tell them. That's why, the comments that I got, I never reply. I just need someone to share it, not to discuss.

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