Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day

Celebrated Teachers' Day at school today. Last night got a message from Chong, wishing me Happy Teachers' Day( He still didn't remember the date, he should become a teacher one day). Then got the second gift from Rita. is enough. She likes to give me presents. The best one is when I was invited to go to Remove class. The Indian students were so good. They bought a blue cake for the teachers who teach their class only; got bihun goreng, nasi goreng, sweets and Nips chocolate. I just took the chocolate, the rest I told them that the teachers would be given jamuan later, so I couldn't eat a lot. They decorated their class and asked Pn. Zanariah, their class teacher to cut the ribbon before entering. Sooooo sweet. I really enjoyed the programmes that incharged by Ngai Pei Siang. It's simple but he didn't burden the teachers and the students. All of us assembled at the hall, so it's not hot. After that, games. Then the teachers had jamuan at Bilik Gerakan. Lastly, students' performance and a kotak beracun game (he changed the rule, thank you), all at the hall. Haii.... teachers don't need presents. We can afford to buy them. I got 10 apples yesterday, until today all are still inside the fridge. Today I got another apple from Mr Vik. Then a girl came to see me, telling me that she's very hungry. I asked her to take the apple on my table. She asked me about her apple that she gave me yesterday. Haiii...I said the one on my table was from Mr Vik. If you are not sincere to give the teachers a gift, then don't give it next time. I looked at the positive side because she always helped me only that it's not nice to say,"my apple, teacher". You gave it to me and then you said "my apple"!!!!

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