Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi! Just want to share Ahmad's mid-year exam result. He got 1A (science), 1B (English)and 2C (Maths and BM). I was surprised because I never thought he could get A for any subjects. He never passed when he was in kindergarten. He even got 0 for certain subjects (If I am not mistaken, it was Pendidikan Moral). I was so happy showing my son's report card to other mothers. I know his result was not as good as their children's result but this is Ahmad. The one that the teachers' said should join Pendidikan Khas. A few teachers (his teachers) were so mean to me early this year. They asked me so many things about Ahmad. I did not cry in front of them but I did cry when I was in my car. It was really a great pressure to me. I wanted to proof to them that my son was not stupid as what they think. People should not judge his IQ by listening to his speech only(stammer and "pelat")but they should hear his answer. Then, we know this boy can think very smart. Thank you God for listening to my pray. Now, about my backpain. It's quite ok. Less painful. My father massaged me using his bamboo twice(he heated the bamboo first). was like someone burned your back but I still felt the pain after the massages. Then, my husband took me to the hot spring at Chengkau. After bathing, suddenly I could not lift my right hand. Slowly, my husband massaged my back, especially my shoulder. It was like magic. I was ok since then. I felt great. I was so grateful to the owner of the hot spring. Only God can reward his kindness to allow us to bathe there without paying anything.

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