Saturday, July 30, 2011

Come...fall in love

Hi! It has been so long not to update my blog. Lots of work to do but I enjoy my work. I am watching Dilwale Duhaniya le Jayenge. I have watched it so many times but who cares. I love the story so much. Every time I watch the movie, I will cry. Ha! Ha! Ha! A bit jiwang right. During my English Course last time, the facilitator did ask me how many times I have fallen in love. I told him three. Who are they? Sorry, I won't share it with you. Only God knows the answer. Tell you the truth, the feeling of in love is so beautiful. I am like on the top of the world when I am in love. I can do anything. It is like someone is standing behind me and said "You can do it. Don't worry. I'll help you". I am not scared to move forward because I know that person will support me. Beautiful right.....My husband, yah..he's one of them. He is my guardian angel. He is the most wonderful person that I have fallen in love. Oh ya, Mr Tan did tell me that CCT's drama will be on air this Tuesday. I am happy to hear that. I want to watch but the problem is, it is a fasting month and I have to sleep early. I told my mother about his drama. She wanted to watch but when i said it's Chinese drama, she just said, "Apo tak berlakon drama Melayu". Hiiii....I don't know. It's hard for me to say this but someone had told me something about him last year that made me not to trust him. But all the best to him. Bye..happy fasting to all muslims and take care.

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