Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Really, really crazy. This SAP system really. really hansap (correct or not my spelling, who cares?). Hiii...just think of the never-ending work really makes me want to vomit. After the English Course, Minggu PSS and Khemah Membaca. Last week PMR Trial. Now,preparation for the PSS penggredan. So far, I am satisfied with my work but I am totally exhausted. Early this month, I lost a good friend, Kg. Baru teacher, Cikgu Muazir. I went to visit him at Hospital Selayang last month (during my English course). My husband took me there. He still could smile at me. I had the feeling it would be his last smile. I knew him in 2009 and he was also a PSS teacher like me. It was so sad when you think of someone who was good to you and suddenly he was not there anymore. My father is also not that well. I am so scared of losing him. Some of the students think I am a very tough woman. This afternoon one Indian boy asked me to help him. A few Indian boys wanted to hit him. I had to show my face at the corridor then they left him alone. I am scared, yalah but I had to help him. I think students' discipline is getting worse. Need a very stict principal to control the school.........

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