Friday, September 9, 2011

Hi! I am back. I had extra class with my students yesterday. They were ok and I think a few of them can get A (Foo, Chan, Abilashini and Yap). The rest, I think they can get B. Only 12 students turned up including Mr Cool, Ng Kok Soon. It's better like that so I could focus more on them. That Chan pot, pet, pot, pet non-stop talking. He's so cute but when he starts speaking, he's worse than a woman. But his English, superb. I love reading his essay. It's from his heart. I really, really hope he can get A in PMR. 29 September will be Pn. Soon's retirement day. She's like my backbone. I know some of the teachers don't like her but she knows very well on how I work. I don't feel any pressure when I do my PSS work. Gave her keropok (from Trengganu) for the first time as it will be her last month in my school. Every year I will lose someone special. Have to accept it. Need to be pysically and mentally strong. Now, about my husband. Last Thursday, we went to our neighbour's house. His wife cooked mee curry for the guests. At home, my husband asked me to learn cooking fried mee. He already knew that my fried mee was terrible and I feel miserable thinking of it, even my son didn't want to eat it. I was so angry that I reminded him that before we got married, I had told him that I was not good at cooking. He said that it was just a small matter, he would help me to cook. Hiii...after 15 years now, he is asking me to learn how to cook fried mee. May be, I will ask kak Nani to give me the recipe on how to cook fried mee. Simple but tasty. I am not good on handy work but I will try again, again and again until I am satisfied. So, my husband will become my experiment to taste my wonderful fried mee. Oh ya about my birthday, there are two students in this school share the same date with me. They are Steven and Pavitra. Steven is the real Libra. Happy go lucky type whereas Pavitra is more to Virgo, sensitive and decent. I am the combination of both of them. May be three of us will celebrate it at the canteen (or only Steven and I because I don't think that girl wants to celebrate it with us, not her style).

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