Friday, September 16, 2011

Hi! Someone from Home Tuition Care had called me last Wednesday. Settled my son's tuition problem. Many Malay students want to become Resource Centre Prefects. No Chinese and no Indians. There are a few Chinese girls in 3B that I like especially Pang Jia Yee but she never asked. Miss Tan did ask me to give her the chance. May be I will ask her later. Photographers, I have Yong Kah Yin and Woan Shin to help me but I need one boy to help me. The problem is the only boy who is interested to become a photographer is the one who has disciplined problem. Actually I didn't want him to become the photographer but I tested his skill already and it's not bad. He told me that he came to the library a few times but I was not around. My instinct said I cannot trust this boy but my brain said he's good at taking photo, so I need his help. Hiii...I don't trust my instinct anymore. Last time I always listened to my instinct. Never mind long as he does a good problem.

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