Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hi, don't want to say any comments about my family gathering. Just want to make my parents happy to see his children caring to each other, especially my father. Well, he is the only child in his family that's why he always told me that I must love my siblings. Don't fight them. They are my closed family. Yes, I will remember it. As the youngest one, I must respect them no matter who they are. Hii.... next week no more open house, no more free satay (more tasty than the ones we paid), no more chicken rendang (although some of the chickens were a bit hard), no more soto (I wonder why I don't like to eat it anymore), etc, etc, etc..... I have to wait for another year to have this wonderful meals again. About my birthday, thank you to the students who wished me, especially 3A (they sang me a birthday song when I entered the class). Of course Puan Soon who was not at school but never forgot to wish me. Thank you to my only niece (Jijah)who sent me SMS, wishing me Happy Birthday and my chubby sister, Kak Lang. Oh ya, to my husband and my son, thanks for the birthday kiss and the cake. Oh my God, it was like I won a Grammy Award trophy. There is another boy in my school who shares the same date. I don't know his name but he is Form 5. So, Happy Birthday to the 23 September borners. Hiii..makin tua le

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