Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day

Hi! My lucky day today. Got a present from Pn. Soon. I don't think that I deserve to get it this year but as old people said,"rezeki jgn. ditolak, bala jangan dicari". Thank you so's so lovely. Lisa, our SMKTI Sweetheart, thanks for the Happy Teachers' Day cake. I love it, so did the teachers. It was so damn good. I had to read her card in front of all teachers, all because of Pn. Soon left her glasses in her room. No problem babe. I thought she had forgotten her teachers here but she is still our sweet Lisa Teo. Farain, Azizi, Hidayat and Azizi came to school today. So proud to see all of them. But there's someone in my mind, CCT. He didn't wish me this year. May be he's so busy with his work as a supervisor. I don't know what is in his mind. Mr Tan kept asking me to advise him. I think it's ok if he wants to work, he's not a study type. But when I think it over, he is just wasting his time by working. He should take any course that he likes, let say "ICT". Just take that course. Get a degree or at least diploma first. He will get a better payment. As a SPM holder, he will only get around RM1000 ( I think that's the maximum he can get). I don't know but I don't like people to bully him or use him. I know he enjoys doing his work but please think of the payment. He should think of the long term. Haiii....he will grow up one day, hopefully.

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