Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bacalah, bacalah mari membaca

Hi! I think someone unwanted reading my blog but it's ok. I have problem with my eyes,not only long-sighted but also short-sighted now. I just realized it last Saturday. Need to check my glasses. Yalah, at this age you will face this kind of problem. I love eating now. I ate a lot at the canteen. After eating the rice with all the lauk, I would order something else. Not to mention, the food inside my fridge. I love eating cakes and last time I bought durian cheese cake at Secret Recipe. Yummee, yummee, yummee...lucky my metabolism is still high, if not I will become fat. When I told my pupils that I am 41, they did not believe it. They said I looked like 30 something. Ouch, that's old. My beloved husband said I look like 25. Love you hubby. Muaah. I always want to look young in front of my husband. He always makes me happy. Not that he's a joker( he is not good at it) but he always be by my side. I am not good at certain things but he always helps me out. He completes my life.... he makes my life perfect. We are different but our difference make us a perfect couple. May be after 15 years of marriage, both of us can accept as who we are. I will cover his weakness and he will cover mine. We help each other. I am so grateful to God for giving me a very good husband. God did say,"If you are a good woman, you deserve to get a good husband. If you are bad, you will get that type of person to share your life!" I think I sound like a marriage counsellor now. So....bye

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