Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hi! Don't know how to start. It has been so many unexpected things happened. My life is not same like before but I am so happy with my life now. I got back my old self. It some sort "Nobody can stop me. I will do anything that I think it is right". I don't know how I managed to do it but I am really proud of myself now.Puan Soon becomes my menthor. She really supports my work. A lot of work waiting at school but I am happy. Always think positive and be helpful. I love all the pupils at school. Taiko or not, they are my friends. I have Koo Siang Lam who really cares about me. He always said," Cakap siapa kacau lu, saya kasi hantam". The Choral Speaking team that I coached got the third place in the district. It's really a hard work to teach them pronunciation. 35 pupils with different races and attitudes. The boys wanted it to be like this while the girls wanted it to be like that, fuuuuih. The Malay girls didn't want to stand next to the Chinese girls (I really, really scolded the girls, what's wrong with them?) Got gatal sms from a very old man. He taught my uncle who has already retired. Can you imagine how old he is. I never replied his message and never answered his calls. My husband was so angry at him......but now everything is ok. My problem now is my darling, Ahmad. I went to see the headmistress last Friday. She praised my son. I told her that I am so proud of my son. He has problem with his speech (stammer/gagap and pelat) but that never stop him to throw out his voice in his class or anywhere. I pray to God that one day my son can speak well but if he still has that problem, who cares....he is still my son. He is not the only one in this world who has that problem. Bye.......

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