Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bye!Bye! Ali. Jumpa lagi.

SDAR or known as Sek.Men.Keb. Dato Abdul Razak will be my nephew's school starting next week. It's a good boarding school. Well, I am happy for him but I really hope he knows how to adapt to the new environment. Students can act differently when they are at home. The parents won't know what they do at the hostel or at school. I really felt freedom when I was at the boarding school but I knew the limit. I was naughty especially making noise in the study room but I never did stupid thing like smoking. I still remember Ustazah Fatimah, the girls' warden. She forced me to study at Form 3 study room. I told her that if she wanted me to study there I need one Form 5 student to accompany me. She said ok so I chose Jep. All the Form 3 students were so quiet when they saw us. Yalah, RRPG lah katakan. Aiyoo, that Ustazah really made a big mistake. She thought that I would study when I was in that room. After SRP, I joined the Form 3 students watching tv. Whenever the prefects came, they would hide me and Jep somewhere. Haii, they became my friends. I did study but at home (during the Form 5 two weeks school holidays). I made short notes for my Biology. Other subjects especially Chemistry (SPM- I got A2) and Physics (SPM-I got C3), I had no problem. I was very playful but I was serious in class. I always listened to my teacher and did my homework. I would make sure that I understood what the teacher had taught. My result was actually better than Jep but my UPU form got problem so only UIA accepted my application. Then, I turned down the Accounting Course. I chose Business Admin. so I still could enjoy my life. Yes!!!! Yariba! Yariba!

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