Friday, January 8, 2010

Mother Threresa?

This morning, I introduced JC, Brian and Shen to Puan Soon. Had to. So, if our school has any programmes, they can borrow the school's camera or handycam from Pn.Soon without me. I really hope I can depend on them. Our PSS meeting also had no problem only we didn't have time to choose the committee members. It's so boring to go to school. I don't like when the teachers and the supportive staff kept asking me about my treatment and my unpaid leave. Haaiii............nak cutipun susah. I think Pn Soon can accept the fact that I won't be at school for a few months. I don't's scary to think of the treatment. I really hope that there'll be no miscarriage. Poor my 3B. I don't understand why the admin. still gives me that class. They should give it to Chithara or Ah Tan. I just went to that class once this week. I hope the students do understand of my situation. The topic for our drama this year is Mother Theresa. I told Mr Tan already that we will lose. The judges only like comedy dramas. They don't want a serious one. He said that it's ok as he just wants to expose it to our new actresses. Haii...I don't like his idea as I think if they have put effort to memorize the script and practise almost every day, they should deserve to become a champion ( at least third place lah). Pity them. I asked him to choose Yap Ying Hui, at least our audience won't get bored when they see a pretty girl on the stage. IT WILL BE A VERY BORING DRAMA. When I was in Jelai, I did write a script. The title was "A day at Mamak's stall". We got third place and my Pak Uda was the Best Performer. It was good because we could beat SMT, STAR, etc. Of course, we could not become the champion because my drama team members, well you know Felda students, their English are not good so I just gave them simple lines to remember. It was a short drama but the audience really enjoyed it, especially the drama team. Mr Tan asked me to produce a script. The problem is I need a character then I can do it. So far, I don't see any special character that can inspire me.

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