Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putrabrasmana Hotel

3 days and 2 nights slept at Putrabrasmana Hotel, Kuala Perlis then had time to go to Langkawi were really great. The hotel is near to the jetty (only 10 minutes walk). All of us (my husband, Ahmad, my parents, my maid and my eldest sister) felt so tired but that's not a big problem. Jalan tetap jalan. I booked three seaview rooms so everybody would feel comfortable. On the first night, we had our dinner outside (grilled fish, squids, etc haii but I think Umbai is cheaper and tastier). On the second night, we just had dinner at the hotel. Oh my God, I knew the food was expensive but it was not delicious at all. My seafood tomyam became onions tomyam (the prawns were so small like udang kering), my sister's char kue teow became kue teow kung fu, even my son couldn't eat his favourite nasi pattaya. Although they had performers to entertain us, it did not cool me down. They should change the chef!

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