Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks for the gifts.....

Yesterday, my husband and my son gave me a surprise. He told me earlier that he didn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day but I got a purse and two t-shirts, yahoo.....He said that it's not because of Valentine, he just felt to give me something. Oh...whatever. I knew he just wanted to make me happy (thank you hubby). Our early marriage, he always gave me flowers(excuse me, not the plastic ones) and then after a few years, he asked me to make a choice whether I want flowers or makan besar (Pizza Hut, ikan bakar Umbai, etc). Flowers, only make me happy for a few days but makan besar, if the food is so good, I can remember it for months. So, you should know my answer very well. Today, kenduri at my mother's house. As usual, I cooked Sambal udang for the guests. Not bad, everybody loved it. Haii.....should open a restaurant one day.

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