Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That is life!

Haiii....a few students said that I looked pale on my first day after the mc. Many teachers came and asked me to do that treatment again including Pn.Soon. I told her that I will become crazy if I have another miscarriage. One, two teachers said they were happy to have me back. The problem is I am not happy at all to see them. I felt that I am not supposed to be in school. Unlike my students, they didn't ask me anything. Many of them said that they missed me. That one, I accept because I also missed them. Then, I met the new PK1 for the first time. He made me got myself back. There were many things that I did not notice. I got back my focus. So, on the second day, the boys said," Teacher, welcome back". They said that I looked better than yesterday. Today, I was so angry with him (PK1). He couldn't see my face. He would ask me about work,work and work even at the canteen. I told Pn. Soon that I don't like this guy to disturb me. I know what to do and she knows my style. I cannot think if he keeps pushing me. So, I don't know what Pn. Soon had told him that made him came to see me just want to praise my work. I really don't like this situation. It made me feel uncomfortable.

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