Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life has to go on!!!!

Some of the people that I know asked me to do that treatment again. I wanted to but ......they should understand. If I do it again, I will get another miscarriage. Since my early marriage, I think if there're no miscarriages I would have at least 6 children. After 1 month and a week, plop they would come out. I know the reason for it but it's ok. I don't want to make a fuss. I can accept it. I just want to be happy like last time. Let people say whatever they want to say as long as I am happy with my family especially my husband. He is such a good man. A very good man. I don't want people to hurt his feeling. He really takes a good care of me, like what I said he is my fairy Godmother. So, no more sad stories. Life has to go on. There are so many things I want to do in my life and God knows the best for me. Bye! Bye! Forgot to wish Happy Valentine's Day to all couples and friends, Gong Xi Fa Chai and enjoy eating the Yee Sang.

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